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Winter causes a lot of wear and tear on parking lots, though parking lots all suffer damage over time. Old and damaged parking lots do not give a good public image for your business. Here are some signs that you need to repave your parking lot you’ll want to look out for!


Asphalt deterioration creates cracks along the surface of pavement which is the first, and most common, sign of age and wear. Typically these cracks are caused by the exposure to sunlight, moisture, and lack of proper damage.


Another common form of asphalt damage are potholes. Potholes are the most dangerous form of asphalt damage and can inconvenience clients and contribute to poor curb appeal. Potholes are formed by water accumulation in the soil beneath the asphalt. When the soil becomes soft underneath the asphalt and pressure from passing cars is applied to the top of the asphalt, a pothole is formed. Potholes can be repaired by partial, full-depth, or injection patching.

Grass Growth

If you have cracks near the edges of your pavement, you can try to control grass growing through it by preventing vegetation from getting near the edges of your pavement.  If you are not able to control grass growing through cracks in your pavement and want the pavement repaired, call L&L Excavating at (989) 863-8687 to discuss how we can repair your pavement.